Nock Co. - Process

Here at Nock Co. we like to oversee all aspects of production. That is why, while we love the history of holding a pair of scissors and carefully shaping each panel, we rely on technology to cut our products for efficiency and accuracy. The CNC cutter we use is from Gerber Technologies and allows for little waste with digitally laid out cut sheets. 

After cutting, we get back to the handcrafted heritage that America is known for. Each piece is stitched by one of our workers (typically Jeffrey) using a variety of sewing machines. The tolerances we have are slim but each product is handcrafted and may have some slight variation due to the valuable human element.  

Upon completion of the production, it heads to shipping. Brad is the man that packs your box. Each product is looked at and all of the pockets are checked for size appropriateness. The product is wrapped, stamped, and a sticker is slapped on. It then heads out the door and to your doorstep.

We will be posting a series of videos that shows our processes through and through as the months unfold. 

-Nock Corp.