Well That Went by Quickly


On September 30th it will have been two years since we launched out Kickstarter. That is pretty darn crazy. The fact that Brad and I met not long before that with an idea of making USA pen cases a "thing" is wacky enough. You all embracing our wacky has humbled us so much. 

Around this time two years ago Brad and I were sitting wide eyed in anticipation for the launch. Waiting on all of the accounts to be certified and our project to be approved by Kickstarter had us stressed. Upon the launch we had a run of support that we didn't anticipate. The support mostly for Brad, as he was the known superstar, was insane and I was first introduced to the community. My mind exploded. For that, I want to keep giving back to the great group of people that took me in. I am glad to have been able to talk to people about improving the pen world and then trying to do something about it by bringing more people into it.


Today, we are still here strong as Cordura and ready to make new cases. With around 4000 Instagram followers and 1500 #nockshots we love our customers and employees.

We have a great team in the shop and can't wait to start working with some of them on new things as well. If the last two years have been great I can't imagine a word to describe what we are working on for the years to come. 

The main thing that I have gained from this business is long lasting friendships that will carry me through my life. Dan Bishop, Matthew Morse, Kevin Penley, Thomas Hall to name a few. And of course the man that has long enough arms to hug the whole community at once Brad "PAPA BEAR" Dowdy.

In the spirit of reminiscing, below is our video that introduced us to the world. 


We are talking with some friends to make this next month special. Keep your eyes open for some new, cool and limited stuff dropping in the month of October, including a larger release at the very end...

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Again we want to thank you so much for your support and input in our designs and keeping us pushing the case designs. We hope to keep adding to the conversation in the community and help new people feel welcome. 

Feel free to write us anytime of the year at:

Nock Co.

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1841 Marietta Blvd NW

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