A short but not small situation

We, here at Nock, love hearing how our products play a part in your life. That is why we have the #nockshots tag and page.

Jon Bemis (@jtower42), who you may know from the Pen Addict post he did last year, shared a story with us recently and he has allowed us to let you hear it. Thank you for this, Jon.

We homeschool, so the kids are journaling during our vacation, because using vacation time to educate is awesome. I let my three oldest daughters (youngest is only 20 months) and my wife choose from a stack of notebooks (Field Notes, Muji, Word, Doane, etc.) for a mini-journal for the trip.  Anyway, both my wife and my four-year-old immediately picked the Nock Co. DotDash Notebook as their favorite. My wife said she loved the color and the ruling. Even better, my four-year-old RAN out of the room and came back with an apron, a pen (Uni-Ball Signo 207, in case Brad's wondering) and the Nock Co. notebook, looked up at me, eyes shining, notebook in hand, and said "What would you like to order for dinner, Daddy?" A great family moment, brought to you by Nock. Thanks a million.

Stories like this keeps us going. Thank you again, Jon.  If you have a story feel free to share it with us at contact@nockco.com