Turned On and Turned Up

Yesterday was capped in the pen world as the day we finally did it, we opened the store. Brad and I are thankful to you guys for supporting us and standing with us while we worked to get enough inventory and satisfy Kickstarter and to generally get organized. We wanted to show you what the shop was like not just as it operated yesterday with some of our employees (Shane and Amala) killing the shipping process but also in the time leading up to launch with help from Dino and Ashley. It has taken us longer than some wanted but for us it took the correct time to get our process refined enough to keep pumping out rad products. The whole Nock Co. team appreciate all of the support that we have received, not just yesterday during a spectacular launch, over the time that we have existed. The pen community is an awesome community.  You should probably play some Enya in the background as you look through the photos.