What's In A Name?

Jeffrey and I get asked frequently "What does the name Nock mean?" By definition it is "the part of an arrow having a notch for the bowstring." That's not really what we are going for here, is it?

Back before the idea of Nock Co. was born I had been brainstorming names for some type of store addition to The Pen Addict. That store never did take shape but I still had that list of names filed away. When Jeff and I first met at Starbucks in August 2013 to discuss launching this company there was one name on that list that stuck with us both.

Being the huge fan of Japanese pens that I am I had repeatedly heard the term "knock" used to refer to the button you press to deploy the ink cartridge on retractable pens. I think it is a term that was used mostly unofficially but Japanese pen manufacturing stalwart Pilot has incorporated the name in many of their products. But as a new business the term Knock was too generic and had too many alternate meanings.

Enter Nock.

Choosing this name checked off all kinds of boxes on our naming wish list. It was short, pronounceable, fun, had meaning to us, and was readily available in many variations online. Everything we were looking for in a good name was there. And in the few short months we have been flying under this banner it feels like home. You can't ask for much more than that!