Nock Co. - Made In The USA


In the pen case industry, most products are produced in Japan, Taiwan, or China. These countries of origin often carry a negative connotation concerning quality, and I disagree with that sentiment. There are quality manufacturing facilities everywhere. The fact is, foreign factories can offer a lower cost-per-unit and a lot of manufacturing has moved overseas during the last two decades to take advantage of that. Here at Nock Co. we believe we can stay competitive by manufacturing our cases here in the USA, and that is exactly what we intend to do.

While we could manufacture anywhere in the world, why not choose to do it within miles of where we live? Why not own the equipment and cut costs passed to the consumer even more? I have been producing products on my own for going on six years here in the States, doing most of the production myself. I am able to keep a close eye on production quality this way (as some of you have seen with the Mod.02 from Alter MFG) and keep the proper inventory on hand. What that means for Nock Co. is we can offer small batches in exclusive colorways and styles to our customers. For us, it makes sense to produce in a place where we can instantly manipulate the outcome of our product. This allows us to be price competitive with overseas manufacturers while maintaining a short design and production turnaround.

Those following us know that we started this process just under a month ago. The fact that we can produce all of our products in house has allowed us to move rapidly from pen and paper, to prototype, to samples, and as you will see very soon, actual finished products, with almost no down time. We aren’t waiting on samples from an international shipper or limiting ourselves by having to buy thousands of units in a single colorway. 

We are proud to be produced in the USA just as factories in Japan should be proud to be produced there. Brad or myself touch every product that is made to make sure quality is maintained, packaging is correct, and you are getting what you paid for. We couldn't commit to that unless we maintained everything in-house, and we are thrilled to be able to do so.

We appreciate the support we have received so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds!