Pricing And Inventory Changes

We have hit that inevitible time in Nock's growth where material and manufacturing costs have risen and a few price changes are needed. Effective June 1st, the below cases will be priced as follows:

Lookout $25.00
Brasstown $40.00
Sinclair $40.00

We have limited availability of the Lookout and Sinclair at the current price, but the Brasstown will not be available until late June. We are also discontinuing the original Chimneytop and focusing that lineup on the Chimneytop XL.

In addition, we are narrowing our color offerings for the three cases above to Midnight/Foliage, Steel/Blue Jay, and Barn Red/Navy. This is not a permanent change, as we will be mixing in other colorways along the way (Midnight/Blue Jay Sinclair right now, for example), but consider these the stock colors we are currently manufacturing.

We are growing and refining as a company and we appreciate your patience as we ramp up production to get everyone the cases they want when they want them. Thank you for your continued support!

Inventory Update And Shipping Note

When you make all of your products by hand and hit a big growth spurt like the one we are experiencing here at Nock it is tough to keep inventory levels full at all times. We understand your frustration with missing out on cases you have been waiting patiently for, and Jeff and I want to ensure you we are working a plan to step things up further and faster. We hope to be able to share the details with you in May. Thanks for your patience!

As a side note, our label printer broke on our busiest day ever. The replacement arrives this morning so look for shipping notifications to start rolling out over the next few days.