A short but not small situation

We, here at Nock, love hearing how our products play a part in your life. That is why we have the #nockshots tag and page.

Jon Bemis (@jtower42), who you may know from the Pen Addict post he did last year, shared a story with us recently and he has allowed us to let you hear it. Thank you for this, Jon.

We homeschool, so the kids are journaling during our vacation, because using vacation time to educate is awesome. I let my three oldest daughters (youngest is only 20 months) and my wife choose from a stack of notebooks (Field Notes, Muji, Word, Doane, etc.) for a mini-journal for the trip.  Anyway, both my wife and my four-year-old immediately picked the Nock Co. DotDash Notebook as their favorite. My wife said she loved the color and the ruling. Even better, my four-year-old RAN out of the room and came back with an apron, a pen (Uni-Ball Signo 207, in case Brad's wondering) and the Nock Co. notebook, looked up at me, eyes shining, notebook in hand, and said "What would you like to order for dinner, Daddy?" A great family moment, brought to you by Nock. Thanks a million.

Stories like this keeps us going. Thank you again, Jon.  If you have a story feel free to share it with us at contact@nockco.com

New Case Designs - What We Do

Jeff working on some new product templates.

Jeff working on some new product templates.

As all of the people that follow us on Instagram and Twitter know, we post prototypes fairly often. We do this so we can get feedback from your guys to guide us into creating useful, new cases. We don't want to suffocate ourselves in redundant designs. 

Why doesn't every cool prototype get turned into a product, right away? It's time consuming to release a new product and just because some folks like it, maybe there is something we can tweak to allow for even more people to enjoy it. The current folio style that we are working on (seen here, here, and here) has gone through a lot of different variations. From depth differences to size differences. From capacity to pocket layout. There are a lot of variables when putting together a new case. The larger the case the more difficult it becomes becuase we have to take a greater number of elements into consideration. This task is complicated by our mission for high functionality and build quality.

The Fodderstack came quick. We decided one day that we were interested in making note cards and I sat down and finalized the design in one day. It was done and, in my humble opinion, perfect. It held what we wanted and in a compact and elegant way. 

With the folio we want to offer something totally different but with the same Nock usability. You guys are ready for something that holds an A5 notebook, a tablet, a small car. We want to give you that but if we take our time, and get your opinions often, we can come up with the best of all three and make it a product that lasts. 

With each iteration of the hand-cut prototypes we get closer to a finished product. Each version needs to be tested for a while to make sure we know what we like and don't like. They need to be shipped around to our friends that test our products.

Someday these prototypes will all come together in one great, new product. One that will last and one that will hold just what you need. After we get to that point we will surely tempt you with a new prototype and keep the cycle going. 

Brad and I want to thank you for your support and comments. We have received emails with people giving us suggestions on new products and we love that. Keep sending them. I read them all. Without you guys we wouldn't be here a year after our Kickstarter concluded.