A Nice Shared Story

We recently got an email from Nick N. We wanted to share the entrance of a new addict into our community:

 ...I wanted to let you all know that I LOVE my Hightower! I wasn't really into analog tools at all until a few months ago, when I ran across the Pen Addict podcast. I was immediately hooked after a few episodes, bought some decent pens for daily use, and then started journaling shortly after that. It started out as something to peel me away from my phone and embrace something analog a few times a day, but has also become something more meaningful - it's a way of keeping a record of my girlfriend and I as partners and as parents to our daughter, who is now four months old. I definitely don't have the best handwriting, and my scribblings are rarely profound, but it feels good to think about being able to one day give my kid a stack of worn-in Field Notes as tangible memories of our family through her childhood, and hopefully beyond, to call her own. 
Writing has become something I now enjoy doing throughout the day, and high quality tools make it a more enjoyable experience. My Nock case is one of those tools - it makes it easy and convenient to carry my writing materials with me wherever I go, to the point where my coat pocket is developing its own Hightower-shaped divot.
Anyway, thank you for producing great products that are made with quality materials, attention to detail, and love. I'm looking forward to the Fodderstack XL, the custom Techliners, and all the other interesting things you'll cook up in the future.
Nick N.

He is the only person to find the Easter Egg we hid, also.

Sassafras Spring Fling: What to do when you're not partying

For all of you who are coming to the Atlanta Pen Show this weekend, I wanted to put together a list of place to see and places to eat. The show will be at the Wyndham - good bar and nice snacks. The place below are in no particular order because my brain doesn't work that way. Enjoy my list and hopefully we will see you this weekend!


Red Brick Brewing - Beer tours and tasting run twice on Saturday (free passes at the party)

Little Five Points - Hipster haven with loads of food and beer places (see The Porter beer bar)

The Spindle ATL - A classy cyclist clothing store (owned by our employee Dino)

Going Gear - A gear store filled with rad stuff

Titan Comics - Where we buy our stories

Thai Diner - A solid Thai place is pretty close

Taco Mac - Beers Galore

Hankook Taqueria - The ultimate in dive deliciousness 

The Georgia Aquarium - A cool place to just chill out at see fish

SkyView Atlanta - A Ferris wheel where you can see some of the buildings of Atlanta

Nock Co HQ - Where the magic happens

Heirloom Market BBQ - A long established BBQ place just down the road from the show

Oakland Cemetery - A lot of civil war history here

Piedmont Park - It will be raining but this place is nice when it's not

Coca Cola World - Learn about all things Coke

Atlanta History Museum - Atlanta's history

High Museum of Art - Our fancy art place

MODA - Our "you don't get me, mom" art place

Canoe - A fancy good meal

Ray's On The River - Next to another hotel but has some seafood options

Nuevo Laredo Cantina - Some great Mexican but can cost some money if you get the lobster tacos

Octane Coffee - The best coffee in the city with two locations (one by the cemetery)

Cafe Sunflower - North of the city in Sandy Springs, great vegetarian food

Sweet Water Brewing - More beer

Monday Night Brewing - Still more beer

Orpheus Brewing - More more beer

5 Seasons Brewing - Beer and Food